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Sarah Weinberger

Professional Career Strategist

Welcome to Career Arbalest! Here are my offerings in a nutshell.

  • Career / Professional Life Mentoring
  • Training Materials
  • Tools to Help Engineers and IT Professionals

Career / Professional Life Mentoring

My Mission

My name is Sarah, and my mission is to not only help and inspire you to take charge of your professional life, but also help you make sense of your career and your financial future in your hands, not in someone else´s.

Notes for First Time One-On-One Mentoring

The first session cost is $115. Please see the fee schedule for the latest pricing.

Please use this form to sign up for a first session, however for subsequent sessions, please purchase your session and I will send you a link to schedule the sessions. Sessions are always 50-minutes, even though the scheduler shows 45-minute blocks.

First time candidates will

  • Fill an online questionnaire
  • Email me there current resume package with most recent cover letter
  • Standard questionnaire that I will email you
  • Answer additional questions that I might have (I will send you a list of questions)

Prior to our first session, I will review all your answers and have formulated my initial assessment. The first session will entail me giving you my assessment and you providing me feedback.

It is not possible to relate everything in one session, so as such, the first session is more a 30,000 foot overview of things. Please do take notes, as we will cover a lot of ground. You will more than likely have to think on matters overnight. Please do provide feedback.

The most productive use of time is if communication is a two-way street, not just me talking for 50-minutes. I form an initial opinion, based on submitted answers, as I mentioned, but it is up to you to think on what I said and correct me.

As you might see, there is a lot of work that goes into the first session. We will craft a strategy / game plan starting with the second or third session.

Here is what I recommend for you:

  1. Sign up for a strategy session
  2. Watch our free 4-part Strategy Fundamentals Video Series
  3. Peruse our site

Service Summary

Financial freedom and career satisfaction are not myths or hard to achieve. I will show you how to get there the right way.

Throughout the years along with hands-on experience in the engineering, software development, IT, and management spheres, training, and working with many individuals, I have the skills to help you achieve your dreams. I have also helped many non-egineering individuals, as I am also the author of Jobfish.

The one thing that I found is that most people think that they can go it alone, but the truth is that most people do not go about marketing themselves the correct way. As Dr. McCoy from Star Trek said, "I am a doctor, not a brick layer." Furthermore, most people, engineers especially, hold misconceptions.

Coaching Details

Sign up for a mentoring session

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Strategy Fundamentals Video Series

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Training Materials

For a complete list of our training materials, click here.

Career Strategy Boot Camp

The Career Strategy Boot Camp is the full nothing held back compliment to the free Career Strategy Fundamentals video series. I only give you some information in the free video series and I do hold back the best. The paid course is packed full. We do expand the course from time to time too.

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How To Get The Job Like A Professional

This eBook is a primer on job searching and equally divides between the minimum that you need to know and the lessons that I learned over the years. The eBook does not duplicate information in either the free or paid video courses.

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Tools to Help Engineers and IT Professionals

For a complete list of our engineering tools, click here.


This Visual Studio extension is a developer Must-Have product. VsIncrementer not only can automatically increment the version number of a project per your specification, but set the various version attributes to other values, such as based on build date and many others.

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If you manage a mail server, then you need this cyber security tool. SmtpMaster, which you use from your desktop, lets you easily go examine the SMTP logs blacklisting and/or whitelisting IP addresses. See which IP addresses are legitimate and which try to attack your server. You can even backup and restore the various lists.

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