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Software & Systems Engineering

Butterflyvista Corporation has specialized in both commercial and military based software and systems engineering, since 1985.

We started off with Windows 2.0 and the Windows SDK and have grown with the industry. Today, we use the latest products and tool chain by Microsoft Corporation. We also work cross platform developing not only software for the iPad and Android, but we do cross platform Java application development using Eclipse and the SWT composite framework.

You can read about the major development areas below or select a specific custom software need from the dropdown menu above.

Butterflyvista Corporation develops cross platform applications using Java, Eclipse, and the SWT composite framework.
Butterflyvista Corporation specializes in Microsoft Development using Visual Studio, inclusive of C#.Net.
Software and systems engineering (web, mobile, cloud, desktop, embedded, and more) by Butterflyvista Corporation

Software and systems engineering is our passion since 1985. We started on Windows 2.0 and still going.

Our work has touched devices used by many people.

To learn more including our specific programming environment specialties, please go to our dedicated page on each topic.

Below are some of the industries with which we work.

Industries we serve

Engineering and high technology


Healthcare and medical devices

Media and entertainment

Financial services

Small business


Skills include, but not limited to:

  • Microsoft .Net
  • C#.Net
  • ASP.Net
  • DevExpress framework
  • SQLite
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Java: SWT, Eclipse
  • WordPress
  • Movable Type
  • C/C++

Website and Web Applications

Butterflyvista Corporation can do your website development.

Websites have matured and grown considerably beyond what they were a few years ago. What would have passed as a wow in the early part of the millennium, only constitutes mediocrity today. People expect pizazz and see a wow. You see that when you go see a movie these days.

Websites today are applications in their own right. Industry jargon even differentiates websites as websites and web applications with the delineation being a bit blurry. Yesterday, using Adobe Dream Weaver or Microsoft FrontPage was sufficient. After that, one could get by with using PHP and MySQL, called WIMP or LAMP in the industry.

Today, websites have matured and either fall into the WordPress category or into the Microsoft ASP.Net. Both give different options. WordPress is not just for setting up a blog. Many companies use WordPress as a site. You would not even know it, unless they tell you or they leave a trace. We can do both.

Visit our page on websites to learn more.

Mobile, Smartphones, Tablets, and the Cloud

Butterflyvista Corporation can do your mobile development, both smartphone and tablet.

Almost nobody in the early millennium had a smartphone. Today, Microsoft, Google, and Apple represent the smartphone and tablet market which is saturating the globe. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. They are hard to miss. Any solution today, must take smartphones into account.

The cloud is a nice fancy word for centrally stored and controlled information. Everything is going to the cloud. Purchase an album on Amazon, and your order resides in your storage area on the cloud and can be played there as well. Microsoft offers their central storage service (formally known as SkyDrive), and other vendors offer theirs. Adobe only offers their software package on a cloud subscription.

If you want to cloud enable your company’s products or services, then contact us, as we can help. We have done that and can do that for you. We can also, set you up with mobile applications that will target all three mobile operating systems (Windows Phone, Android, and iOS) using a single source base.

Visit our Mobile and Cloud pages to learn more.

Desktop Applications

Butterflyvista Corporation can do your desktop application development.

From Jobfish and our other desktop software applications to the countless ones that we developed over the years for other companies, Butterflyvista knows desktop applications. We utilize modern tools and techniques to bring all that is available today to the products that we develop. We do not stop there, as we can integrate cloud and mobile computing as a core component. As a partner with Microsoft, we learn about and get access to software that will be coming out.

If you have a desktop project, big or small, let us help.

Visit or desktop application page to learn more.

Embedded Systems and Firmware

Butterflyvista Corporation can do your software and systems embedded engineering development.

Butterflyvista and our CEO have been involved in embedded systems and firmware development on a wide ranging scale since the mid 1980’s. We have worked on both industry and military projects.

Have you ever heard of the Northrop Global Hawk or U2 stealth planes? We created part of the radar system control that went into those aircraft. Butterflyvista has worked on both 3G and 4G SAS/SATA products. We have worked on medical devices.

If you need help with an embedded project, then let us help you.

The specific areas discussed in detail are storage, military, and medical based solutions.

Visit our embedded page to learn more.