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Cross Platform Java Development

Quality, performance, usability, and engineering

There is a difference between coders (programmers) and those software system engineers. We do the coding, but also the entire engineering aspect of the project taking into account customer usability, quality, performance, and all the other aspects that go into a project. No project is ever just coding. We will work with you to develop a solution that is right for you.

Our Java applications support multi-platform and will run on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. Our projects build using ANT and execute from a single jar file. We do both Swing and SWT frameworks. We know how to use RESTful services to communicate to services. We have also worked with Nebula graphics for all your charting needs. We see to the complete product life-cycle, and none of our work is done overseas. Butterflyvista is proud to be located in Southern California in the Santa Monica area.

We have a very seasoned engineering team headed by Sarah Weinberger. She comes with many years of experience in software and systems engineering. All of us at Butterflyvista work as a team and will work with you in a team environment. You will be kept informed of the progress. All our code has comments, and we can use source control.

Your benefits

  • Architect a solution, which meets and exceeds your needs
  • Create a stellar and stunning user interface
  • Use your own graphics or assist in developing the graphics used on the site
  • Setup and work with the database
  • REST as needed
  • Leverage decades of experience in the industry
  • You and your team receive immediate answers to your critical questions and design issues
  • We strive to avoid performance and scalability bottlenecks long before your systems go into production
  • Years of distributed application design and development experience

You receive training and are part of the process during the entire duration.

Core Competencies

  • Java (1.7 or latest)
  • Eclipse
  • ANT
  • SWT, Swing, and Nebula GUI Frameworks
  • Some libraries: Jersey, Jaxrs, HttpComponents, hK2, Apache Commons, Joda Time


  • SQLite
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
Butterflyvista develops cross platform applications using Java Butterflyvista uses Eclipse to develop Java applications Butterflyvista uses Apache Ant to build Java applications Butterflyvista can use Nebula in GUI development for graphs and other widgets