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Meet career coach specialist Ms. Sarah Weinberger 1 on 1.

Ms. Sarah Weinberger

Career Coach Specialist

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Career Arbalest is the Los Angeles Career Counselor, Career Coach Life Coach and Strategic Career Planner. Finding a job is trying under the best of circumstances.

Sarah Weinberger is our professional career coach and serves Los Angeles and beyond (via Skype) from her offices in beautiful Santa Monica, California. From years working in the recruitment industry and with Jobfish, she knows what it takes to do career coaching.

Just as most jobs are team efforts, finding a job is no less of a team effort. Why are you suffering alone?

We can also guide you in starting a business or just being a coach to an existing one.

(Saturday hours available)

For you to consider

Here are some questions that you may want to ask yourself to see whether or not you need a career coach.

  • Do you have fewer contacts than other people you know or very few?
  • Do you get very few interviews and those that do either offer a ridiculous wage or never even get back to you?
  • Do you feel age conscious, or do you feel self-conscious about some other personal attribute?
  • Do you feel qualified for a position, but nobody else does?
  • Have you been unemployed for longer than you care to admit?
  • Is your job insecure?
  • Are you miserable in your job?

These are just some of the questions that may indicate that you need a career coach. Career coaching is a one-on-one session tailor fit to your needs, where we can sit down and address your specific problems and address each issue that holds you back from a fulfilling career.

Questions you might have:

  • What exactly will you do?

    We start with a detailed assessment and finish with an accepted offer (limitations apply). Specifically, we will do the following... Read more

  • Do you have experience in my area?

    We have worked with clients in a wide range of professions. The fundamentals of a proper job search do not vary... Read more

  • How much will it cost?

    Please contact Butterflyvista to discuss pricing... Read more

  • Why choose Ms. Weinberger?

    Ms. Weinberger has experience, breadth, honesty, integrity, and dedication... Read details

  • How many clients have you had?

    Many. We served a number of clients in various fields over the past few years. Additionally, our CEO has worked in the recruitment...Read more

Meet Ms. Weinberger 1 on 1

Ask Sarah

Ask our job search expert and career coach, Sarah Weinberger, your job search questions. Here are some questions asked by people like you. For a full a full list of questions, please go to our Ask Sarah page. You will also see a link there to ask your own question.

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