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VS Incrementer: Auto Version Incrementer Extension for Microsoft Visual Studio

One of the true omissions from Microsoft Visual Studio is the capability to automatically set the AssemblyVersion, AssemblyFileVersion, and AssemblyInformationalVersion fields for projects in a solution. What good is a revision field, if when you build a project, the fields do not increment?

VsIntegrator is a full-featured Microsoft Visual Studio extension that provides robust version incrementing and more.

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$39.95 USD, details below

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  • Different auto increment styles can be set per major, minor, build, or revision fields
  • AssemblyInfo Attributes Supported: AssemblyVersion, AssemblyFileVersion, and AssemblyInformationalVersion
  • C#.Net, VB.Net, and C++ projects: other languages coming
  • Extension does not require all project members to have the extension installed. VS Incrementer stores the configuration information in the Assembly Info file
  • Configurable on solution and/or project level
  • Configurable for debug and/or release builds
  • Specify to act on build action (build, rebuild, clean, and/or deploy)
  • Global configuration support for all solutions and projects
  • Unify all version attributes by specifying what you want to do one time
  • Ability to synchronize the source manifest version attribute for VSIX projects with the AssemblyInfo version
  • One less piece of development to worry about
  • Product support: If you have an issue, contact us
  • We will introduce support for newer versions of Microsoft Visual Studio shortly after Microsoft officially releases the product
  • Suggest new features! We listen.

You can modify the following values on the property grid (some are per project only):

Versioning Action

Here you can configure per version attribute the increment scheme you wish to use. Options are:

  • Do Nothing: Do not update this attribute.
  • Increment: Simple +1 increment per build.
  • TimeStamp: Set the attribute to the current time. (HHMM)
  • YearStamp: Set the attribute to the current year. (YYYY)
  • DeltaBaseDate: Use the Yogesh increment scheme for this attribute.
  • YearDayOfYear: Set the attribute to the current year followed by the day of the year. (YYDDD)
  • DeltaBaseYearDayOfYear: Set the attribute to the delta base year including day of year. (YYDDD)
  • DeltaBaseYear: Set the attribute to the delta base year.
  • YearDecadeStamp: Set the attribute to build year.
  • MonthStamp: Set the attribute to build month.
  • DayStamp: Set the attribute to build day.
  • MonthAndDayStamp: Set the attribute to build month and day.

Version Number Editing

Edit the version fields directly in the dialog without having to open the AssemblyInfo file!

Simply select the version attribute desired and press the F2 key to edit.


Here you can configure per solution/project the miscellaneous. Options are:

  • Delta Start Date: Set this to a custom start date if you're using one of the delta versioning types.

Note for BuildVersionIncrement (Codeplex) Users

Add auto build version increment to your Visual Studio .Net solution/project with VsIncrementer from Butterflyvista, available at Engineering Arbalest.

From: Sarah Weinberger

(Here is my soapbox time!)

This version is a clean room design using appropriate guidelines for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and beyond. The Codeplex version, as many of you know, does not work with the current version of Visual Studio, as Microsoft changed extension requirements. The posted version is also a bit annoying to use and does not contain all the features that I wanted. I also wanted a commercially supported product.

I purposely kept the dialog layout similar, so that developers of this tool have an easier time to adapt, however as versions of VS Incrementer grow and features get added, the interface will adapt and grow.

This product is not freeware, but commercial. As such, customers get to talk to someone about issues, new features, and the like.

Although this tool is a commercial product, I truly would like the engineering community to be part of the development by suggesting features, providing ideas, comments, and helping to spread the word to other products. Remember, software development takes a lot of time and money. Please help support this endeavor by purchasing a license.

Lastly, the initial release does not have 100% of the features of BuildVersionIncrement (a.k.a. autobuildincrement) tool for the initial release, but it does have other features. The missing features will come. Please suggest features! After all, you will hopefully be using the extension.

Other languages: Let me know if you have a need for F#, C++, or languages supported by Visual Studio. Do you need other platforms?

Here is How to Use the Extension

After you install the extension, simply double click on the VSIX file, launch Visual Studio and open up (if desired) a solution / project file.

Clicking on the Butterflyvista VS Incrementer menu option will show this dialog, which will allow you to configure the auto increment rules. You will see a mini-solution explorer on the left pane and properties on the right.

The property grid contains the following values you can modify:

Licensing Options (Cost)

Evaluation License


  • 14-Day trial license
  • Available from within extension, see "Tools | Butterflyvista VsIncrementer"

Subscription: $39.95 USD


  • Priced per year
  • 1-activation allowed
  • Includes all major and minor updates
  • Includes support for new versions of Microsoft Visual Studio, as released
  • Priority support
  • Renewal discount, if renewed prior to expiration

End Notes

Whenever one of the projects in the solution is modified, the extension kicks in and updates the required attributes. This version does not automatically check out the file containing the version attribute, if the target is under source control.

Placing an * in the AssemblyVersion attribute and leaving the AssemblyFileVersion out, the compiler will auto generate build versions for both but this is a pain to maintain when you are releasing signed assemblies. This method requires a calculator to see when any version is built and offers no control or flexibility. Basically, there is no version increment tool for Visual Studio. VsIncrementer gives you full control.

By default, this tool does not update any version information.

Version Information

Released: 2015.1.3.259 for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

Please contact us for a Visual Studio 2013 version