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Corporate Logo (White tagline)

Corporate Logo (Black tagline)

Title: Butterflyvista

Text: Maker of Jobfish Rainforest , the professional job search tool for the serious job seeker, and Officedove , 5-essential desktop tools for the Windows desktop. Empower your job search with Jobfish Rainforest.

Link To: http://www.Butterflyvista.com/

Jobfish Rainforest


Jobfish Boxshot

Title: Jobfish Rainforest

Text: Empower your job search with Jobfish Rainforest, the professional tool for the serious job seeker. Jobfish Rainforest allows you to organize, capture, and deal with the volumes of information the Internet provides. Manage staffing services, capture jobs from major job boards, track jobs, and much more.

Link To: http://www.Butterflyvista.com/Products/Jobfish/Main.aspx

Product Literature

Jobfish Rainforest

Product Home Page: This page provides a good starting point to access the other pages


Product Home Page: This page provides a good starting point to access the other pages


Product Home Page: This page provides a good starting point to access the other pages

Screenshots and Graphics

Icon: Jobfish Rainforest, Officedove, Metricwiz


Logo for Jobfish Rainforest

Logo for Officedove 2010

Logo for Metricwiz 2010

Boxshots (Jobfish): Style 1

Boxshots (Officedove): 80x90, 158x180

Boxshots (Metricwiz): 80x90, 158x180


Jobfish Rainforest: 1, 2

Officedove: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Metricwiz: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

All our screenshots are in GIF or JPG formats. You can convert them later on to a format of your choice


Jobfish Rainforest, Officedove, Metricwiz

We show all our awards on the right side of each product's home page. Click on the link directly above and scroll down a bit to see our awards.

Articles and Reviews

Jobfish Rainforest, Officedove, Metricwiz

Download Evaluation Version

All Products

You can download the evaluation (try-before-you buy) version using the links directly above. This download gives you a 20-day trial period for Jobfish and 21-day trial period for our other products, just like your readers would get. We offer this version free to anyone. As a reviewer, we will send you a complimentary registration key, so that you can continue to use beyond the trial period. It is a courtesy that we extend to the press.

The trial version does not take the system hostage, or anything nasty. Also there is absolutely no ADWARE or SPYWARE. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products.