Welcome to Butterflyvista Software Engineering Specialists providing professional consulting services for Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Check out our award-winning products.

We provide the best professional software engineering consulting services and engineering products in Southern California's Westside, Santa Monica, Valley, and Los Angeles, since 1985. Whether you are an engineering company needing firmware, embedded software, aeronautic, military, application, or any other service to small business owners or even individuals wanting a WordPress website or custom application or network service, we can help. We also offer a wide range of graphical, video, and audio services.

Sarah Weinberger, founder of Butterflyvista Corporation, has not only worked on a wide variety of projects, but in a wide array of industries. Furthermore, Microsoft certified Sarah as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) as well as certified her on their various products and technologies. Other companies including Sun Microsystems, Digital Equipment Corporation, and others also certified her.

We work on a wide variety of platforms including Java, Apple, WordPress, and Microsoft .Net and others. We have years of experience working on CentOS and other UNIX based operating systems. Sarah has professionally programmed for the Microsoft Windows platform since Microsoft Windows version 2.0 using the Microsoft Windows SDK and worked with Windows since v1.0A.

Regardless of if you are in Los Angeles, Encino, or elsewhere let us help you with your next software engineering project.

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Software Engineering Consulting Specialists

Butterflyvista offers superior engineering/IT products and services as well as unrivaled products and services that help individuals in their careers/job search.

We put a lot of love, understanding, and pay attention to details in all our products without sacrificing design, ease of use, and practicality. With decades of experience, we understand quality and standards of excellence.

We have been there and discovered all the pitfalls, so you do not have to. We understand reasons why things are done a certain way, but are not afraid to start over.

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