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Commentary by CEO Sarah Weinberger:

Although the product speaks for itself, I did have a few comments, nonetheless.

First off, I was a bit surprised that the web hosting company only supported PHP v5.3. I originally coded to a higher version, which makes use of an object oriented class to access MySQL databases. I had to settle on the well tested C-style functions. I did leave commented out the class based version, so that can go back. I guess I could put in some sort of test and decide, which one to use based on the PHP version. I might just do that.

I tried to keep the interface as close to the paper based forms that Zap uses, and that is of course what the customer wanted, but I did add in some nifty time-saving niceties. The date selection took a couple of tries before both I and the customer was happy, but selecting a date, any date, is trivial regardless of browser and OS. I set the default date on birthdays back a few decades to make it easier for selection.

One thing that is not obvious is that I already started the process to get the product certified by the electrology association. Because of the PHP and MySQL choice, there is no Microsoft certification to obtain. I purposely chose PHP, as that is the most flexible, utilizes a skill that I have, and what I thought the fastest that gets the job done. Time, money, and quality were all constraints. The customer also wanted maximum portability and longevity, where the code does not become obsolete. That was actually a very important concern. For these reasons, I chose PHP. Heck, years later, PHP v5.3 is still used!

I did not have to worry about porting existing data, as they have a paper based system, however porting another vendor’s data, as long as I would have access to the database would be straight forward. There are multiple possibilities, such as importing a CSV or XML file, direct connect to an existing database, export of an old database and then importing here, etc.

This first version relies on backups done by the web hosting company, a service provided, however automatic backup is definitely a feature that I want to implement, sooner than later.

The bullet points mention the GUI, but I just wanted to reemphasize the object oriented nature of the design. I took an existing page of their site, cleaned out the body, added a few lines, and presto. I purposely designed the product, so that if an office decides to change their website, ZapOffice will only get minimally effected, if at all. Someone would have to move the few lines to the new template and insure that the width of the new template is adequate. I guess there could be style conflicts, but I do not think so.

I purposely did not go hog wild on all the screens. I just wanted to give an idea. I designed ZapOffice with the help of the electrologist for use in electrology offices. All terms, look and feel, and interaction is what they are used to. I honestly want the staff at this office and future offices to be able to hit the ground running.

Live site screenshot captures as of July 2017:

  1. New Client Intake
  2. Practitoner: Home
  3. Practioner: Client Visit

Other practitioner screens:

  1. New practitioner add/edit
  2. Client edit
  3. Reports

Electrology Back Office Software

ZapOffice is a web-based back office solution specifically designed for a one to multiple electrologist office. Designed with the help of a successful electrologist that wanted to take their practice into the digital age from the paper-based that was used previously, ZapOffice fulfills that need and more. This software is already in use.

Your clients fill out a single web page. That gets them into the system. Your staff can easily update their information. The company administrator can set up practitioners. Each time a practitioner logs into the system, their visit gets recorded. They will see a home screen, where they can select a client. From the client home screen, the practitioner can view, edit, or start a new visit. Viewing information is a snap.

Installation is easy and support is top-notch. If you are an electrologist and interested in automating your office with a solution specifically designed for electrology using terms, settings, and forms specifically designed to the way that you do business, then please contact us here at Butterflyvista. Contact us for pricing.

If there is a feature, which you would like, contact us. We will discuss our software engineering consulting rates. The specific rate depends on whether the solution is specifically for your office or can be used generally.

New Client Intake Form

New Client Intake Form

Practitioner Home Screen

Practitioner Home Screen

The ZapOffice GUI is full featured working on a wide variety of backend web solutions, while simultaneously meeting the needs of individuals and busy electrology offices.

Here are just some of the features:

  • Designed specifically for electrologists
  • User friendly date selections
  • Numeric up/down control
  • Captcha against robots
  • Data encryption
  • Includes transgender options for added electrolysis clarification and billing
  • Object oriented and easily skinable
  • Drops into your existing website template
  • Uses PHP and MySQL for maximum flexibility
  • Simmultaneous practitioner support
  • Web based interface
  • Easy installation

Web Hosting Requiresments:

  • PHP version 5.3 (or above)
  • MySQL

Browser Requiresments (tested on):

  • Safari running on both Mac and Windows
  • Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
Provider Visit Information

Provider Visit Information