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Commentary by CEO Sarah Weinberger:

Here you will see a concept site that I created for a client. I added the concept site here, so that you can see some of my web design ideas. The Butterflyvista site is one concept, while I did something different for JMR. The black theme is common to both, just because I feel that black is better for technology based websites, like Adobe, Microsoft, and Apple use. I love the dark theme of the Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Final Cut Pro, and of course the dark gray theme of Visual Studio and other Microsoft products.

I thought that the JMR site could be improved, so I created a concept site with input from two of my colleagues. It is too bad that I did not take a screenshot of the site at that time, as subsequent to completion of this concept, two of the pages you can see here, the website designer integrated some of my concepts, namely the presence of a video on the index page, a form of the area boxes, and miniature animated products. The implemented solution has a single image, which jumps up a bit, while a user hovers the mouse over the image, while my animated product miniature images are truly animated showing different views.

My concept site had a news ticker, which would scroll and show company and product announcements, maybe dealer specials, whatever. The index page below does not have a functional news ticker, just a placeholder image to show what that would look like. Below that, there is the usual slider. The finished version would implement selectable text as well as areas, where a user can click for more information.

The Butterflyvista site has a width of 1050 pixels, while JMR uses a wider format. As such, I had to move things around a bit, so as to fit into the smaller width here. Originally, the video would have been to the right of the tagline. As a separate row, the video can now be larger.

Each product area would go to an appropriate section. The user can obviously click or subscribe to the company newsletter.

If you click on the DataMover page, you will see my concept for a product page. I did not implement the other pages for the demo. One key difference is that I do not give a cryptic product name, but rather opted to use human friendly descriptions of what the product does. Web pages have a few seconds to capture a viewer’s interests. BlueStor and LTNG-XQ-8-RM-B do not do it for me. RAID Storage Solutions and Mac Pro to Server does do it for me.

As a side note, I developed the software and firmware used on all the products that you see here. PLX configuration scripts on the hardware was done by our electrical engineer, although I did create the GUI for the SiloStor product, which talks directly to the PLX chip. I will talk about the DataMover software on the concept for the DataMover product page, click below to see.

I did not display the updated header and footer. JMR did decide to implement some of my ideas on the footer. We differed on the color theme, as mentioned. JMR uses a white theme.

I used ASP.Net along with the DevExpress framework to create the website below. I was debating creating the site using WordPress, but decided on .Net at the end. I guess PHP tied to Visual Studio as the development environment would be an option too. Much depends on whether the web server supports .Net or Xamarin.

Live site screenshot captures as of July 2017:

  1. DataMover Index Page

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