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Other Custom Development

If you have an area, where we did not cover, please by all means feel free to ask us. We talk about the primarily active areas of interest today, however our knowledge dates outside the areas listed. It is quite possible that we do work with the area that you need.

Another area that we can help is to port existing products from an older platform to a new platform.

  • VB6 to C#.Net
  • Other port

Butterflyvista did a big port of VB6 to C#.Net, so we definitely know what is involved in the process. We also work with technologies outside of Microsoft. From time to time, we work with Linux and the various flavors.

Butterflyvista has also done work in the following areas.

  • C/C++
  • Printer drivers
  • Device drivers

The concept, name, and original coding for the "Universal printer driver" came from Butterflyvista. If you ever downloaded an HP LaserJet printer driver, you probably saw that phrase to describe the driver. It is meant that one driver handles PCL5Mono/Color and PCL6 Mono/Color.

The same basic approach to whatever the solution that you may want is still the same, namely:

  • Architect a solution, which meets and exceeds your needs
  • Create a stellar and stunning user interface, if the project requires that
  • Design and develop the needed custom controls, if any
  • Use your own graphics or assist in developing the graphics used
  • Setup and work with the database
  • Leverage decades of experience in the industry and with Microsoft and Microsoft technologies
  • You and your team receive immediate answers to your critical questions and design issues
  • We strive to avoid performance and scalability bottlenecks long before your systems go into production
  • Years of distributed application design and development experience
  • We will take scalability, performance, interoperability, maintainability, and/or security into account along with other requirements that you may or may not have.
  • Any other needs related to application design, prototyping, development, testing, documentation, deployment, testing and support.

We never just sweep a problem under the rug or hope that no one will notice. If we find a bug or if someone reports a bug, we will work to eliminate that. That is true for end user reported bugs, if we get involved in that. Here at Butterflyvista, we strive for as close to zero bugs and defects as possible.

Our approach has always been to create flexible code that meets your needs today and into the future, while delivering as bug free code as possible. We strive to document our source code and format our source code using industry standards. Butterflyvista is also versed in CMMI and other development methodologies, such as Six Sigma and others.

At Butterflyvista Corporation we partner with our clients to provide web application solutions that solve complex business problems. Our software transforms your day to day decisions into a click of a button, data driven answers. Our team consists of a hard to come by mix: geeks with solid business experience plus effective communication skills.

You will be kept in the loop at every step of the way from inception through architectural design, development, deployment and maintenance. We do not just say that, but mean it. Butterflyvista is your one-stop software development shop that you have been looking for!

So what are you waiting for? If you have a problem, let us help.

Microsoft Visual Studio
Microsoft SQL Server