How do I specify whether a comma or period separates the fractional part of a number?

Make your regional settings changes in the Windows control panel. Metricwiz will pick up those changes and act accordingly.

Is the program designed for the US market?

We took great pains to make sure that Metricwiz is compliant with International standards for display and data entry. Metricwiz comes fully supports the Windows Regional settings.

I do not like the colors. I should like what I see?

Absolutely! The current version of Metricwiz does not allow for skins or customization. Our other conversion utility, Officedove, has different themes and allows for custom color creation. If you like Metricwiz and want to offer some suggestions for future versions, please let us know. Contact us using our contact page.

How easy is the program to use?

We wrote Metricwiz with big and little kids in mind. Furthermore, we tested the program on kids of various ages. We choose size, colors, and graphics that kids can relate to. Button sizes and positions are easy for little hands learning how to use the keyboard. We even tested the program on computer newbie´s.

I am not a scientist and nor need anything special with times. Why should I use this program?

That is a very good question, but alas we all do things where from time to time we do need to know what something is in another unit. If you are using the US system than converting even within the US system is not obvious. Cook books, newspapers, traveling, and a host of other common activities yield to conversion questions.

I noticed that Officedove comes with the Microsoft Speech Engine fully integrated. Does Metricwiz offer voice integration?

The current version does not offer voice integration. If you would like this feature integrated into the product, please let us know.

Can I turn off the help line at the bottom that says, "If you want..." at the bottom of every page?

No. If that is something that you wish, then please let us know.

I do not see a unit that I wish to convert?

Officedove features a full list of units. Metricwiz purposefully has a scaled-down list, so as not to frighten or confuse the users targeted by this program. If enough people ask for a particular unit, then of course, we would be happy to add it in. Let us know.

I do not see my question answered here. What can I do?

Send us an email. Visit our contacts page. We will answer your question promptly.