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Find jobs, apply for them, and track your applications in one integrated package.

Jobfish 2011: Job Search Software for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7

Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7

  • Find a new career, help with EDD, contact management, and track your applications in one integrated package
  • Works with all major job boards
  • Job descriptions at your finger tips
  • Employer / Recruiter contact management system
  • Skype integration
  • Track interviews, communications, events and tasks
  • Interview preparation
  • Resume examples / writing and resume center
  • Reports

T. Calbazana: June 06, 2010

I am sorry to say but it appears that Jobfish worked a little too well and caused me to get gainfully employed. I've been busy up to my neck in projects and getting things set up. Now the pace has slowed a bit and I can come up for air.

I can perhaps now resume seeing Jobfish perfected to the world class application it's going to be. Please keep up the good work and the drive to the top.

T. Calbazana: April 19, 2010

Jobfish is really becoming a precision tool! Way to go!

I love how you keep refining Jobfish so that it will become the world class app that it should be.

A. Low: March 25, 2010

All in all, I am very impressed with your program. I think the flow is nice, awesome functionality, the layout is really contemporary, and the skin-changing is a really nice touch. Keep up the good job!

J. Troeger, Owner, Tri-Point Solutions, Inc.: January 05, 2010

With all of the different job sites on the internet today, I was looking for a way to centralize my job hunting activities. I have found that Jobfish is a great tool to add to my job hunting tool-kit. To be able to consolidate all my job searching activities into a single dashboard that assists me in weeding out duplicate jobs and allows me to pull jobs from all different sources has simplified the way I do job searches. Additionally, once that potential job is found, the tasks you would normally do to move the job from a prospect to a reality can all be coordinated from within Jobfish. Whether you are a full-time employee looking for a new position, or a contractor always looking for the next job, this tool will simplify your life.

E. Imri: January 03, 2010

Jobfish is a great, professional tool, which help me a lot in my time-consuming and patient-exercising job search. Jobfish gives an excellent interface to the job boards, which made me possible the go through huge number of jobs quicker and easier during my daily job search, I would say that Jobfish gives a better interface than the job board itself, and it saved me a lot of time.

Jobfish also help me to keep in track the phone calls, interview invitation, emails etc. and keep all my job search-related data.

The nicest thing was: any time a recruiter called me, Jobfish could show me within a few seconds what are the jobs applied to that recruiter agency, so I was always up-to-date on the telephone interview, which gave me the advantage in my answers.

Thank you Jobfish!!!

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