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Find jobs, apply for them, and track your applications in one integrated package.

Jobfish 2011: Job Search Software for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7

Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7

  • Find a new career, help with EDD, contact management, and track your applications in one integrated package
  • Works with all major job boards
  • Job descriptions at your finger tips
  • Employer / Recruiter contact management system
  • Skype integration
  • Track interviews, communications, events and tasks
  • Interview preparation
  • Resume examples / writing and resume center
  • Reports

What makes Jobfish unique is that unlike other services or software, Jobfish was designed for you, the job seeker and not the recruiter, HR representative or hiring manager. Staffing services and job boards hold their allegiances to the employers while Jobfish is invested in you. Now is your chance to take advantage of the many Jobfish tools available to manage your recruiter relationships.

Download staffing services

When you consider a career change, the first step is usually sourcing a recruiter (aka headhunter) that not only has connections to the positions you seek but is willing to represent you in your job search. There are many staffing services, but do you know who they are? Do you know which ones are good? Jobfish allows you to download recruiters from our central database shared by job seekers like you and then select by category or location.

Track staffing services

Keeping track of contacts can be a time consuming process. Jobfish comes with complete relationship management and tracking capabilities. Do not just say to your recruiter, "I need a job." Be smart and let Jobfish help by crafting a resume and profile that is a perfect fit for the position you seek. Use Jobfish to record your recruiter´s feedback and edit your resume and cover letter accordingly.

Custom email to staffing services

Do you want to send an email to a specified number of contacts? Writing emails manually take time. Using PIM software like Microsoft Outlook yields uniform emails that doesn?t offer you any customization or management capabilities. With Jobfish you simply select the contacts that you want to send an email to, specify the body of the email, and Jobfish will create and send off a completely customized email, complete with a personal salutation and presentation package (resume and cover letter combination). Jobfish will even track your email deployments for you automatically.

New jobs from staffing agency websites

Not all job listings are linked from Job Search Engines like Indeed.com or SimplyHired.com. It is hard to locate jobs on obscure staffing agency websites. Jobfish already has the links ready for you. Simply select the appropriate agency and pull back the latest jobs accordingly. Keep track of which jobs are being sourced by which recruiters either on a retainer or contingency basis.

Keep track of contacts

Jobfish keeps track of all your recruiter contacts in one easy interface. View a list of contacts and their contact information at the touch of a button. Jobfish even allows you to copy contact information, so that you can add a new contact without having to retype the same information over again.

Relationship Management

Keeping on top of deliverables and knowing where you stand with each recruiter will often make the difference between a recruiter being impressed with you and willing to work with you and one that just treats you as just one of the masses. When a recruiter calls, Jobfish can give you a detailed account of all email exchanges, notes, etc. that you?ve had with that recruiter and with which jobs they submitted your profile to. You will also have complete job listing information in just a click.

Contribute to the Central Jobfish Database

Simply select the staffing services that you wish to share; press a button on the toolbar, and Jobfish will send an email to Butterflyvista Corporation with the information that you just shared. We?ll even verify the information and then add it to our central database for others to use. Help your fellow comrades and help yourself in the process. Effective job hunting requires a team effort.

Set Staffing Agency Priorities

After a short period of time, you will gather a substantial staffing agency database. Each of them will inherently have different priorities in your job search. Jobfish allows you to set individual priorities and then sort the staffing services using those priorities. You can also use the priority attribute to categorize staffing services.

Customized Listing Options

Combine this information with Jobfish´s email capability to display staffing agencies using several different filters. Choose to list all recruiters, recruiters with active jobs, recruiters with no active jobs, or recruiters with no jobs at all. Use this information to put a fire under certain contacts and thank others. Combine this information with Jobfish´s email capability to send customized emails at the touch of a button to selected staffing services.

Customize Display Options

Show only the information on the main grid that you want to see. Jobfish´s easy customization tool allows you to hide or show the information that you want. Click on the properties button to see the complete details at any time.

Last Call and Callback Information

Manually keeping track of when you talked with a contact and when you have to call back is fine, when you are dealing with just a few. As that number grows, you need Jobfish to automatically alert you when you last called the contact and when you need to follow-up. View the callback log daily to see which recruiter you need to contact. Do not rely on scrap pieces of paper anymore for help finding a job. Use Jobfish, the job search tool for the serious job seeker.

Interact with Microsoft Outlook and a CSV file

Use Jobfish´s import wizard to import your contacts from either Microsoft Outlook or a CSV file (comma or tabbed delimited). The wizard will guide you each step of the way and provide you with maximum flexibility. You can even export contacts back out! In this way you can keep your data synchronized with your existing applications.

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