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Find jobs, apply for them, and track your applications in one integrated package.

Jobfish 2011: Job Search Software for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7

Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7

  • Find a new career, help with EDD, contact management, and track your applications in one integrated package
  • Works with all major job boards
  • Job descriptions at your finger tips
  • Employer / Recruiter contact management system
  • Skype integration
  • Track interviews, communications, events and tasks
  • Interview preparation
  • Resume examples / writing and resume center
  • Reports

Keep Track of Events (Interviews, Emails, etc.) and Tasks

Jobfish for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 allows you to associate interviews and interactions with job records during your job search. An interaction is any email, phone call, or other form of communication associated specifically with a job opportunity. There are various methods for entering interviews and interactions. You can enter them as part of a job record or from the recruiter / employer page. Simply select the employer or recruiter and then the job record. Jobfish will show you a new interaction or interview form of a job. Interviews and scheduled interactions appear not just on the main summary page but also on the calendar / planner. Staying organized in your job searching and helping you to land that perfect job is what Jobfish is all about.

Notifications for Your Job Opportunities Records

When you have Officedove installed, Jobfish adds notification options to Jobfish, your job search tool. OfficeDove gives you the ability to hear the alerts or see a message box with an optional ding. You can schedule reminders of these events and more. Download and purchase your copies of both products and check it out for yourself!

Full Job Search Calendar and Planner

Jobfish comes with a mini monthly calendar and a mini daily planner on the main home summary page. Simply click on the day and see the events you have scheduled, as part of your job search activities. You can go to the MyWorkspace Calendar page and see the main calendar and planner. You can choose one of several different views. You can add interviews, tasks, and interactions directly from this page as well. Jobfish is the tool to help you find new jobs, new employment opportunities, and with a higher salary.

Searching for Jobs (HTML and RSS/XML Based Boards)

For the job search, there are two main types of job boards on the internet. There are job boards, such as CareerBuilder.com, Monster.com, and CraigsList.com, which lists new job opportunities that companies post to hire, and then there are aggregators, such as Indeed.com and Google, which list aggregate listings from other sources. Jobfish allows you to search both types of boards in your quest to find your next employment opportunity.

Select the search for a new job button from the Jobfish home page, and Jobfish will automatically know which interface to use for the job search. With boards like monster.com, you will use the Jobfish Board Import Console to find a job. Load search results in a spreadsheet like table. Select a result and display the job opportunity in either the side browser, which is great for users that have a dual monitor system, or on the browser directly below the result table. Jobfish allows you to do things simply not possible otherwise. Check it out for yourself, as you owe yourself the best new career possible.

Apply to Job Opportunities

During the job search, if Jobfish was able to find an email address within the advertisement or if a user enters an email address into the job record, then users can apply for the job by email using the integrated email client, otherwise users can always apply for the job via the online application URL. Jobfish saves that URL as part of the job record. In the case when a job record has both an email address and a URL, Jobfish will ask the user which method to use. So, whether you are searching for healthcare jobs, nursing jobs, part time jobs, human resources, or any other, Jobfish can help you apply for that job.

When a user selects the "apply to a job in the Jobfish database " option, users are presented a list of jobs. Naturally, job seekers can tweak the list to just show only those jobs that they have not applied to yet.

When applying for a job opportunity via email, users can select which contact, if multiple contacts exist, and also select which presentation package to use.

Hide Postings from Future Searches

Avoid seeing the same posted employment opportunities again and again during your job search! See only newly posted job opportunities. When you use Jobfish to search for a job and are using the Jobfish Board Import Console, you can select job opportunities that you do not want to see from the results table and click on button that says to hide results from future searches. Jobfish will automatically log these job records into a database and keep them from appearing from future search results. If you do not want to see postings from a recruiter or any other company, simply sort by the recruiter name column, select the job opportunities from that recruiter / employer, and click on the hide button.

Import Multiple Jobs at Once to Your Jobfish Database

Once you are presented with the search results during your job search, simply check the box in the first column of the desired row and Jobfish will know that you are interested in the job. After you check all the jobs of interest, click on the import jobs button and Jobfish will import the job opportunities into your Jobfish database. There is an optional second checkbox to mark that you manually applied for the job opportunity. Jobfish will then update the job record to indicate that. Click on the next result set button next to the table and see the next result set load effortlessly.

Reply to Postings on CraigsList.com with a Single Click

Jobfish comes with a built-in email system. If you want to reply to a job posting, select the result and click on the apply button inside the Jobfish Board Import Console. You will be shown an already filled-out email dialog. If you already have populated Jobfish with resume packages (presentation packages), you can select the resume package from a dropdown list. Jobfish will then use the cover letter and apply a salutation to the email. All other items get added to the email as attachments. Applying to job opportunities has never been easier! Jobfish will even know that you are interested in the job, so you can keep track of the job opportunity, be it from a recruiter or employer, later on. Jobfish comes with a complete contact management system and can keep track of the contact as well.

Job Search Metrics

Jobfish provides various metrics to help you gauge your progress in your job search. One such place is the motivation page, where you can see bar charts that show various job search metrics. There are a total of five bars, which include how many job opportunities are in your Jobfish database, how many job opportunities you applied for, how many recruiters or employers contacted you back, how many interviews you got, and lastly how many offers you received. If any category is off from what you expect, you know where you need improvement. Jobfish is filled with metrics, even on the various tables, which show states, numbers, and so much more.

Parse Job Postings Directly In Grid

Jobfish not only captures the search results, but it parses the data and displays them nicely in the search results table. Avoid looking at advertisements that populate the search results. You tell Jobfish how many results to see, no matter what category of job you want, be it healthcare jobs, nursing jobs, human resource jobs, sales jobs, or any other type! Gone will be the days of opening multiple browser tabs or being lost in clutter. Jobfish keeps you organized not only on the search results, but later on too. When Jobfish imports job records, it parses the data to the best of its ability. View the job opportunity later on or in other views.

Full Contact Management (Recruiters and Employers)

Jobfish has a full contact management system (CMS), where you can work with not only recruiters and your networking contacts, but your prospective employers and hiring companies. You can view job lists, send mail merge emails, easily navigate to their website, and so much more. Download Jobfish and see for yourself contact management at its best.

When a recruiter or employer calls, have the job record that they are calling about at your fingertips. Merely go to the applicable area (Recruiter List or Employer List in the MyWorkspace area), select the recruiter / employer in question, and then select the option to view the job list. Jobfish will present a list of job prospects and some basic information. Select the job opportunity in question and Jobfish opens up the record. Have salary information, job descriptions, requirements, and most importantly a list of interactions that have already taken place. Knowledge is power. Employer and recruiters like people, who come prepared and know their information, as it lessons their time and shows them that the candidate is truly interested in that position. Knowledge and power also lead to a higher salary.

Resume and Cover Letters (Presentation Packages), Sample Interview Questions, Answers and Tips

Jobfish provides you with the ability to create multiple "presentation packages". Each presentation package can have a different resume and cover letter. This will allow you to customize your resume specifically for each job if you choose. Job seekers can also view our free sample resumes, cover letters, and interview questions, tips and answers. Job seekers can attach images and additional items thereby creating a package. Cover letters automatically get set as the body text in emails, when job seekers apply for jobs or send any of their contacts emails. Stop dealing with EDD and unemployment benefits, get a higher salary. Use Jobfish and land your next.

Exporting and Working with Your SQL Jobfish Database

If at any time during your job search or afterwards, you want the ability to directly access the Jobfish databases, Jobfish for Windows XP/Vista/7 gives advanced and power job seeker that ability. This console in database terms is sometimes referred to as an administrative console.

Job seekers, not recruiters, HR, human resource persons, or employers, but job seekers can not only backup the Jobfish database, but make direct changes directly to the physical tables that make up the database. Users can delete, edit, and add rows. The backup file will get located in the same folder as your main database file. Aside from the typical database administrative tasks, users can copy contents of the table to the clipboard and paste them into Microsoft Excel or anywhere else simply by using the standard Windows copy mechanism to copy and paste the contents. Users can export entire tables to a CSV file format. Job seekers can also gain access to the report engine view reports outside of Jobfish.

A nice use for Jobfish is to customize the data. For instance, maybe there is a salary tax term (full time, etc.) that is not shown in the dropdown list. A user can easily add in a new salary tax term here and Jobfish will immediately show it in the dropdown list the next time Jobfish is restarted.

Other uses would be to export the data to another software package, such as a report generator for more customized reports. The sky is the limit! Let us face it, modifying text one job opportunity at a time is cumbersome, but editing the data directly in a spreadsheet like grid taken directly from the job boards, makes for a lot of time saving, and searching jobs needs all the time that it can get.

There are, of course, various commercial off the shelf database tools that you can use as well giving you full access to your data. You can access the Jobfish Database Console directly from the main navigation menu system on the home summary page. Download Jobfish today and land that dream jobs, be it healthcare jobs, part time jobs, sales jobs, marketing jobs, management jobs, nursing jobs, HR, or any other.

Reports (Job List /EDD Unemployment Benefits and More)

Jobfish ships with several reports that you can view on the integrated viewer or print out. All of them are accessible from the main navigation menu system on the home summary page. One useful form is a job list showing job search activity, to EDD, for unemployment benefits. You can print out the report and show it as proof of your search, which can be useful to show to EDD, for unemployment benefits. Print out job records and take the information with you to the interview. Up until job seekers find jobs (new employment), apply for unemployment benefits at the EDD rest assured that Jobfish will be there to help.

Customize the Look and Feel (Skins), Job seekers can decide how the job search looks

The look of an application is important, especially if you have to look at it for long hours, as a job search is a time consuming process, even with the help of the job search software. Jobfish comes with the ability to customize various aspects of the user interface. Choose one of many outer themes. Jobfish ships with the Mac OS X skin by default, but job seekers can select whichever you want simply by clicking on the change skin button to the left of the minimize button.

For the inner look and feel, Jobfish uses the Microsoft Office 2007 motif, but choose one of the other themes simply by clicking on the appropriate theme on the main toolbar. The current options include:

  • Native XP Theme
  • Office XP Theme
  • Office 2000 Theme
  • Office 2003 Theme
  • Office 2007 Theme

Jobfish also allows you to customize other aspects, available from the Tools menu.

Other Jobfish Areas of Interest

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