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Find jobs, apply for them, and track your applications in one integrated package.

Jobfish 2011: Job Search Software for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7

Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7

  • Find a new career, help with EDD, contact management, and track your applications in one integrated package
  • Works with all major job boards
  • Job descriptions at your finger tips
  • Employer / Recruiter contact management system
  • Skype integration
  • Track interviews, communications, events and tasks
  • Interview preparation
  • Resume examples / writing and resume center
  • Reports

When you look for work, you more than likely start off trying to be methodical. You ask your friends and colleagues, look through a few employment opportunities on the various job boards, and blast your resume to your existing recruiter list, maybe even to an HR representative or two. You make a point of being diligent and telling yourself that you will keep up to date with these various avenues. The problem is that extracting job opportunities, applying for the different positions, staying on top of different avenues (friends, recruiters, HR, etc.), and then preparing for those interviews is a very taxing proposition. A contact manager, such as Act or Microsoft Outlook, paper and pencil, spreadsheet, and your own memory skills only go so far before frustration takes over. You, as a job seeker, need Jobfish, a job search toolkit designed with the job seeker in mind and not the recruiter or hiring company. Whether you are looking for healthcare jobs, part time jobs, management jobs, sales jobs, nursing jobs, or any other type of jobs, you owe it to yourself to check out Jobfish for Windows XP/Vista/7.

Your previous job search processes might have been effective and satisfying at finding new jobs with higher salary, and you might think that the "traditional" way to find a job seems all right. However, you find below some comparison which gives you ideas what are the advantages to use Jobfish, the job search personal information management tool on your job search, to find a job, to find new career with higher salary.

Import job opportunity records either individually or a bunch of them directly into the Jobfish database

Spend considerable time collecting and organizing the job search process on a paper

When searching for a job, Jobfish shows you whether the jobs already in your Jobfish database or not. This will prevent you from applying for the same job more than once and will save you time and effort.

Hard to keep track which job you applied earlier, you might apply multiple times for one job

Add interviews, tasks, interactions (associated emails, phone calls, etc.)

Spending considerable time maintaining a daily planner of your scheduled interviews and interactions.

When a recruiter/employer calls you, Jobfish can present you a job list belonging to that recruiter, so that you can get ready for questions.


When a recruiter calls, struggle to remember which jobs you applied for that recruitment company

Sample resumes, sample cover letters, sample interview questions, tips, and answers

Spend considerable time to gather information for interview answers, and to prepare resumes and cover letters

Automatically access via a single click the jobs tied to a recruiter, recruitment firm, or hiring company.

Hard to keep in track which jobs did you applied for which recruiter/employer

Keep all aspects of all job records nicely organized and immediately accessible.

Try to keep organized in paper or in Excel-spreadsheet

Create a new employment opportunity record manually in seconds.

Spend considerable time collecting and organizing data.

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