Jobfish Question: Why should I use Jobfish?

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If you are not using Jobfish, you are not maximizing your full potential and therefore throwing time and money out the window, not only currently but for the future too on jobs that you may get, where you are not yielding your full earnings potential. If you are frustrated, agitated, or stressed out, then you need Jobfish.

Get More Money and Work Closer to Home

Getting a job is one thing, but getting the right job for you is another. Ask yourself, from the time that you start work, how many job offers do you receive over the period of a month? Just because one receives a job offer, does not mean that you should accept that job offer. Then again, if you are out of work and not looking for work properly, you may be happy for a part time job or even any job.

Skills, language, experience, location, some contacts, and presentation are only part of the equation. Being at 80% does not get you to the finish line. Even 90% of the way does not cut it in the marketplace. You must be at 100%. You must have in addition to all the factors mentioned, you must be persistent, blank the area, be first (or last) to apply for a position, stand out, and nail each and every bullet point asked. Testing comes into play too.

Jobfish gets you that last mile by helping you do all the items mentioned. More importantly, by taking away a big share of the workload, Jobfish affords you the time to practice and do the technical things that you will need to land that offer.

To Get Noticed

Getting noticed in a good way is always the hard part. Analyze your typical job day. How much time goes for resume submittals, resume preparation, frustration, mundane tasks, and mental preparedness for mundane tasks? How much time do you honestly spend a day in your job search? Taking extension classes is nice and obviously helps in the long run, but nothing helps experience like experience, so that does not count. What if a tool could increase the hours spent on a job search each day and reduce the amount of time dealing with the items just mentioned? Jobfish is that tool. What could you do with all that time? Jobfish can help get you the time to focus on questions, so that you can interact with recruitment and human resource personnel properly. Jobfish can help you increase the odds that you will pass that test, which many employers now give to test your skills. Jobfish will help give you the confidence that you need to land that job.

Reduce Downtime

The number one way to reduce downtime is to properly look for work and do that in an efficient and methodical fashion paying attention to the details without losing sight of the objective. The objective is to get a job offer that maximizes your potential. Sending out 5 resumes a day, if that, and contacting a few friends and family members does not cut it. Do not compare yourself to others. Do what you need to do. Yes, you should analyze your previous mistakes. That is part of your job search. Write the mistakes down. List the positives. Ask yourself if you are a trendsetter or a follower and which one of those you really are. Reducing downtime smartly means not being afraid to say that you need help.

To Substantially Increase Job Applications

Anyone can muster up the willpower to send out somewhere between five to 15 resumes a week. How long would it take you to send out a minimum 250 resumes a week? Could you do that in five days in less than a half hour each day? Would each submittal include a cover letter in the body with the job post below and the subject line including the job description? Would you save a record of each job submittal? Jobfish enables you to do all that and more. Jobfish streamlines all areas inclusive of working with job boards.

To Reduce the Mundane Grunt Work

Nothing takes more time in a job search than the grunt work, the assembly of each email, working job boards, finding and contacting recruiters, assembling and editing resume packages, and trying to remember what to say to whom. Writing down notes, keeping track of things, and remembering what you have to do and when are stressful tasks in and of themselves. Jobfish provides the tools necessary. It substantially reduces all of these mundane tasks, even dare we say making it fun. Let Jobfish help you. Buy your copy of Jobfish today. Ask yourself if you can afford not to use Jobfish.

To Be Organized and Prepared in the Way You Cannot Now

We here at Butterflyvista designed Jobfish with the job seeker in mind. We know the tasks and steps necessary to land a job. We know the order in which things need to be done. We also know the tools that you use most often. By using Jobfish, you will get a structured method to look for work. On top of that, you can work with our customizable interview questions, job packages, resume packages, customizable reports, and job metrics.

To Keep Track of Metrics

Do you keep track of metrics? Knowing your weak areas and your strength will help you focus on problematic areas. Are you submitting many resumes, but not getting a sufficient number of calls back? Are you getting a sufficient return calls, but not landing enough onsite interviews? Are your offer letters poor on nonexistent? Jobfish keeps track of this information and presents it to you. You can see graphically, where you are. These and many other features are part of the Jobfish methodology to seeking and achieving your next job, your dream job. Dare to think big. Hook your next job. Buy your copy of Jobfish today.

To Be in Control, Not Controlled

Are you in control of conversations? Jobfish keeps gives you the information that you need at your fingertips, when you need it, be it a copy of the job posting, interview questions, or any other item. Think of past conversations that you have had on the phone, when you do not know what to say. Employers and recruiters love to catch you by surprise. That gives them the edge and puts them in the driver's seat. Take that edge away from them. Give yourself the edge. Let Jobfish help you.

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