Jobfish Question: How will it save me time and money?

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Saving time and money is a corollary item to how easy is something to use. Although Jobfish is definitely easy to use both technically and effectively, the true test of a product is in how it helps you save time and increase your revenue stream (or save money as the adage goes). Every day spent in the job market is another day not working and losing money. Every day working for less than your full potential is another day of lost money. The more money that you lose, the more time that you lose; the more time that you will never get back.

When used properly, Jobfish will enable you to not only send out many copies of your resume and effectively talk to people, not to mention reduce your frustration and agitation level, but will enable you to gain more skills in your area. Paying attention to the specific technical requirements requested by employers, along with the response, and organizing this information will help you excel in your field and stand out amongst the others.

It does not matter whether we are in a recessionary time or a bountiful time. The rules are the same. You want to maximize your career, not just have one. You want to maximize your contribution in your field as well.


Pay attention to the details, but do not lose sight of the big picture. It is easy to get bogged down in frustration, self pity, the mechanics of sending out a resume, and more importantly being a follower in the current, think of a piece of wood in the ocean that drifts from location to location with the current. That is a practice that usually does not work. You want to control events, not let events control you.

Impress recruiters and employers. Contact them. Be the master of your field and what employers want. Work on minuses and market plusses.

Most important, remember, when you are on the phone and especially out on an interview, the person at the other end of the table will pay attention to everything. If you are lying about something, they may not know exactly what it is you are lying about, but they will know something is off. This statement applies to much more than the technical stuff, but rather everything. Employers hire the whole person, not a computer.

Jobfish will help you prepare and be all that you can be. Jobfish will help you be organized, better attuned to the answers, when conversing, and most importantly give you a framework for effectively finding your new career. Do not worry, Jobfish is flexible to work the way that you do as well.

Resume Submittals

It is easy to submit a few resumes, talk a couple of friends, and interface with a couple of recruiters, but the days of sending in your resume by post and competing with few people are over and never coming back. The internet along with globalization changed the rules of the game. You must send out more than a few resumes and both your resume and cover letter must be overflowing with keywords, not being too long or wordy, as remember nobody likes to read. You will only have a few moments with the person at the other end, be it a recruiter or human resource agent, neither of whom will know your field. They will know your keywords. If you are busy spending 30 minutes or so kind of sending out one resume, you are not paying attention to the content. You are wasting your time. Jobfish can definitely help you. Sending out resumes is a mundane task, which can be offloaded. Presenting the information in a useful format is also necessary. When these tasks and others are offloaded and done for you, you can concentrate on content and details, enabling you to send out many targeted resume submissions.

Resume Packages

Microsoft Word and the internet contain an abundance of templates, which many people do not use interestingly enough, but these are the starting point. A proper resume is a package containing a cover letter, resume, and portfolio. The resume should not only be specific to the exact discipline, but also show your breadth in other areas. It is true that employers want someone specifically for one task, and they will use you for that one task, but showing a knowledge of other related areas is important too. Showing your overall person is important too. It does not matter that you have 7 years of experience and everyone else has 12. It does not matter that you are whatever and everyone else is the opposite. What matters is that you tell the truth, be honest about your skill level, and most importantly do not undersell yourself or your skills. Presentation and organization in the resume are important too.

Jobfish helps you have multiply well organized resume packages that also look sharp. You can easily select which one you want, when applying for a job. If you are not a resume expert, no problem.

Learning How to Properly Do a Job Search

A tool is only as good as your knowledge of how to use that tool. The simple fact is that most people do not know how to properly look for a job, even if they insist otherwise. Finding a job is a fulltime occupation, where proper effort is key. It is easy to spin your wheels and achieve nothing.

This section is not meant to be a seminar on performing a job search. That is an in depth discussion in and of itself.

That being said, you have to have a system, a multipronged plan if you wish, and work that each and every day. Even resume submittals via job boards, which are key, is not as simple as a matter as you might think. The day and time of day are important. The quantity and quality are important. Other areas are important too. You have to first talk the talk and walk the walk. Your resume must look sharp and by all means grammar, spelling, and use of words are not important but fundamental. You have to work other areas, not just resume submittals. That includes contacting companies on your own, looking at sites other than job boards, contacting multiple recruiters, use of social media, and sending out the proper energy into the universe, another big topic. Jobfish is your key to a brighter future. Let Jobfish help you.

Cloud and Smartphone Access

Simply put, can your current system easily present you the information pertaining to your job prospect no matter where you are, be it at home on your desktop, on your laptop, or out and about using your smartphone? Can you pull up information quickly and easily without shuffling through stacks of paper? If not, then you need Jobfish. Jobfish is now totally integrated with the cloud and has smartphone access. Jobfish also fully utilizes the new Windows 8 interface as well as the old one, so you save even more time and money.

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