Jobfish Question: What about different industries?

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Jobfish supports many different industries or type of position. Jobfish is flexible to work with many different positions in a wide range of industries. Jobfish is also easy enough to use that anyone can use Jobfish. You definitely do not need to be an IT professional looking for your next gig.

Below are just a fraction of the industries, where people use Jobfish. Naturally, there is the traditional white collar worker that wants their next contracting or salaried position. Let us know how you use Jobfish.

Writers and Other Creative People

Writers (ad copy, script, technical, novel, screen, speech, and contract to name just a few) and creative people need to make pitches to various companies, and need to remember who they made them to, when and at what quoted rate, maintain a list of responses, and the status. When a creative professional has to make a pitch to a company, the company usually refers to editors, agencies, and producers. Often it can take months before the creative professional receives a response. It would be nice if a writer had a means of tracking the progress of a proposal. Sometimes this kind of pitch is made to several editors at once, and it is good to know which proposals got submitted to whom.

The writer or other creative person does not need to look any further than Jobfish. Jobfish can do all these tasks and more.

Each pitch would be a job record. Rather than importing a job record from one of the job boards, the user can manually create the job record. Internally in their mind, they can think of the “My Jobs” section as “My Pitches”. Jobfish has the presentation package manager, which allows the user to create various resume packages and then tie that to a job record or to an email. The creative professional would simply substitute the word “pitch” for “resume”. Each resume package would be a pitch complete with all the material necessary for the pitch. The contact manager area, employers and networking contacts, would hold the companies that receive the pitch. The job record would then reference this company. Jobfish has a full featured interaction facility to track communication, not to mention ability to specify rate and status. A user can set up reminders to contact the person back for a follow-up. Jobfish will give audible reminders, if the user purchased the Jobfish Suite Professional version.

Truck Driving

A truck driver needs to line up the next haul, and let their clients know their availability. They need to make a pitch to haul wood lumber, cattle, fuel, or whatever cargo. They need to make a pitch to different companies. Some companies respond, while others do not. A lot can slip through the cracks, if the truck driver does not keep on top of which proposals are out there and the status.

Well, like the creative professional, Jobfish can help. The proposal is basically a job submission in the same way that a white collar worker would submit their resume for a position. The user would attach their resume package to the job record and indicate the employer or recruiter.

The method here is the same. The truck driver would create a “resume package”, which would be their pitch. The job record would be the specific submission, which would list the specific company solicited, their prospective employer, if you wish. All tracking and statistics are the same. The truck drive would have to create a manual job record, unless the driver happens to see a listing needed on one of the supported job boards. Creating a manual job record is a trivial task in Jobfish.

Building and Construction Contractors

Building and construction contractors are ever on the hunt for new business. Many construction workers stand on the corner at Home Depot or a designated corner in your local city. They may make cold calls to home owners advertising themselves to do aluminum siding or whatever other skill.

There is nothing wrong with this method to line up new construction contracts, but in the modern age, there is a better way. Enter Jobfish.

Here is where a tie-in to other online tools comes in handy. Use a phone book to find all the companies in your local area. Use Google to find all the construction companies, who employ construction workers. This list would become your employer list, as would individual companies. LinkedIn can help you find individual contacts in these companies. If you need help, please contact Butterflyvista Career Coaching services.

Like with the truck driver and creative professional, a construction worker would have different resume packages depending on how they want to tailor fit their service. They would send out a targeted pitch, which would become a manually created job record. Jobfish easily keeps track of all communication, rates, and status. A user can also use the job boards, which become nice and easy to use, not to mention fast to use.

Standing on a corner gets you a few eyeballs, but you compete with others. Sitting in front of a computer monitor and using Jobfish can greatly improve your odds and puts you in the modern age. You start doing what you want to do, not standing around in the sun waiting for a driver to pass by. Since you become a professional, when you use Jobfish, you can increase your rate, which puts more money into your pocket.

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