Jobfish Question: How easy is it to use?

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In order to answer the question how easy is something to use, one has to do a few things. First, one has to define what exactly one means by the word easy. The second deals with scope. The easiest thing in the world to do, for the most part, is doing what you already know how to do. Human beings keep with the familiar and well worn path, even if a different path would be better and cheaper. People are afraid of change and to a degree learning new things. Think of an old blanket. History is full of countless examples, but we are here to talk about advancing your career and how Jobfish should play a part and not about history and psychology.

We need to define the term of how easy something is to use by answering the question what can get the task, in this case finding a job or finding a better suited career, in the shortest possible time with the least amount of effort, and at a reasonable cost, not letting the fact that every day that one is not earning their full potential is both lost time and money. Finding a job because you are not happy with your current location is both lost time and money. There is nothing easy about staying at a place, where you are not happy. Also, and here is where the "easy" part comes in again, that something is not too technical or requires too much skill. That is usually meant by this question.

There is nothing simple about looking for a job or finding a better job. Breaking from societal trained methods to properly look for a job involves several areas. Advancing your career does require you to put in some effort. Most people either do not or put brute force effort to no result. We here at Butterflyvista designed Jobfish to not only be intuitive in use for the common person, but also not lose sight of the task of enabling individuals to further the task of finding a job in a method that is not possible by hand using traditional methods.

Resume Submissions

Be honest. How many resumes do you submit in a day or week now and how long does it take you to do that? Do you submit maybe 30 resumes in a week, possibly 5 each day? Do you get frustrated with the task? Can you keep track with what you submitted? After all, when someone calls you about a submission you made, that person will assume that their company is the only one that you submitted to and that you are intimately familiar with the advertisement and the skill and that you only do that particular skill. Companies are famous about wanting a George Jetson, a button pusher.

Not all postings stay on the site indefinitely, something you may have already noticed. Searching for a post is no joy right either. Jobfish makes the task of submitting resumes relatively pain free, maybe even dare one say a bit fun, and allows you to keep track of every submission bringing up any submission in a moments time. Jobfish keeps not only the live view presentation of a job posting but also saves a static copy of the posting. You see exactly what was posted. Jobfish associates everything with a job posting in one location. Does your current method do all that? Submit not 30 resumes in a week, but 30 custom tailored submissions in a matter of 15 minutes or so.

Friends and Connections

The most common tactic mentioned by everyone is to ask a friend or family member or if you are a modern type, submit your desire on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. If you have friends and family willing to help, then this tactic may or may "get you a job". The question even in this case is what kind of job. Can you do better? Do you have friends and family willing to help?

Jobfish empowers you to be self reliant using existing connections, making new ones, polishing your presentation, enabling you to pull information up at a moment's notice, and making use of existing technologies, such as job boards, in the most effective way.

Jobfish allows you to effectively use your existing connections and make new ones. Jobfish not only allows you to import your contacts from Microsoft Outlook, but provides a mail merge capability to your contacts, and allows for the creation of new contacts by tapping into job postings. Everything is in one location.

Using Job Boards

Job boards are a tool of companies and designed with companies in mind, not job seekers. There is almost no tool that truly is designed for the job seeker. Most online tools are like contest portals. Contest portals are a means of gathering statistical information and lead generation, in a nutshell marketing data. Jobfish turns the table and allows you to effectively use job boards quickly and easily.

Take Craig's List as an example. That is a popular site and at first glance is easy to use. There is nothing simple about Craig's List. The site for a job seeker is frustrating to use. You have to click on a link to open an email form. You have to write each subject line. You have to copy and paste the submission into the body. You have to then write or copy and paste your opening. You then have to insert your resume and other material. If you are very motivated, you then have to save all this information, probably on a piece of paper or in Excel. Does that sound like you? If you wind up sending 5 resumes in an hour, then you are doing well. Probably 5 is all that you can do. Jobfish does all that work for you. You can send out a perfectly formatted email with all the details, keeping track of everything, and do that in a matter of seconds. You do not even have to open up multiple browser windows. Jobfish has everything in a nice neat well organized list.

Recruitment Services

Recruiters are a necessary evil. No matter what they say, money talks, and they get paid by the company to find the best candidate. They are not there to help you. They talk to massive numbers of people every day. They go through lists of criteria that a manager gave the human resource department. The recruiter simply matches up the skills. Recruiters, nor their human resource counterpart, know your true skill. They know bullet points and skills test. Skills tests are even worse than IQ test and SAT scores for predicting anything. Most employers employ not one, but multiple recruitment services. It is not any different than in the real estate market, when you "hire" multiple real estate agents. They all use MLS, but that does not mean that you should not have multiple agents.

Jobfish allows you to keep track of questions that recruiters will ask you and be able to furnish them with answers. You can look up any job posting quickly. You can collect recruiters from postings. Keep track of appointments and tasks. If a recruiter says that they will call or get back to you, and most do not, Jobfish can alert you. In order to stand out amongst the masses, you need an edge. Jobfish is that edge. Jobfish is your gateway to effectively looking for a job. Polish your presentation, not your agitation skills.

Brute Force

The most common method is to manually go through job boards, call up friends and family, write individual emails, and do a host of other things manually, naturally keeping things in your head or a piece of paper. This method is not easy and prone to failure.

Jobfish streamlines the whole process from beginning to end allowing you to focus on other parts of your career search. Easily send out resumes. Easily work with recruiters and other contacts. Keep track of all information in an organized fashion. Work with job boards in the most effective way possible. Mail merge your resume package, and of course assemble professional resume packages, which you can send out or attach to submissions. Jobfish is empowers you and makes the tools that you have from mobile devices to desktops work for you.

Executive Recruiters and Matchmakers

True executive recruiters and professional matchmakers, if they even really exist, is a person who will find you a job and works for you. They usually charge $5,000 for a period of time with naturally no promise of finding you a job, even if they say otherwise. They say they have magical lists that job boards do not have. Questioning them for the source is of course not possible. They say that 99% of the jobs are not advertised, but they alone have access to this 99%.

First off, do you have $5,000 to $20,000 or a professional matchmaker. The odds are worse than gambling in Las Vegas. They can only do what you can do. With Jobfish, you can easily work with job boards, keep track of information, create a professional resume package, work with different services, call people using the integrated Skype feature, and a whole lot more. To a degree, Jobfish can help you prepare for a resume. It has the questions and answers section. You can add to that list, as you get questions. You can work on the answers. You should write down inside Jobfish questions and tips used in interviews to prepare for the next one. Jobfish is your career matchmaker.

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