Jobfish Question: How is Jobfish Different from what I do now?

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Jobfish turbo charges, simplifies, and enhances your job search. Jobfish enables Major Productiveness. Period. Jobfish eliminates the typical job search trajectory and puts you on a different path. With Jobfish, you cannot judge your job search experience with previous attempts.

To answer this question, let us look at what a typical person does. First off, a typical person either does not look for a job dreading the tasks and long process, if they are employed but just unhappy with their current job, or they are out of work and in which case have no choice. Getting a job in a few days or a week or two does not happen much anymore.

The first step is to put out a couple of feelers, possibly going to one of the job boards and applying for a job and landing a conversation with a recruiter. Talking to a few friends and family members follows. They either have something or they do not. If they have something, is that really where you want to work and at the salary? If that were the case, you would not be out of work, reading this webpage, or have gotten into the position that you are in now. Friends and family contacts is the number one method currently according to statistics to get a job. What happens if you have no friends and family or the thought leaves your pocketbook cringing?

That leaves job boards and recruiters, neither one is a good vehicle. The simplest job board, Craig´s List, is tedious to use and everyone uses it. Using job boards usually fails, because you cannot keep track of whom you sent resumes to. Callbacks get you nowhere unless you can answer questions. The mere task of applying for jobs is tedious and very limited.

Gone are sending in letters by reading your local paper. Gone is competing with people who live in the local area. With freeways becoming more crowded and gas prices skyrocketing, now upwards of $4.00 per gallon, extreme commuting is no longer even that much a possibility. Finding a professional career matchmaker is another option, but finding a good one is not the world's easiest task and then can you afford $5,000 or more?

According to research, people apply for maybe 15 to 20 jobs a week and use continuing education as a means to get a better job. As the months tick by, people are then forced to work part time or in a substandard job. Relationships (marriages, etc.) become strained. Money related issues are the number one reason marriages wind up in divorce. Issues can be a lack of money, agitation on the job spilling over at home, or not enough time at home because of extreme commuting.

Acceptance of reality and giving up on a dream is more than common. The energy put out into the universe is that of "any job", not "the job".

Did you gain weight? Weight gain because of financial stress is very common. Stress takes many forms, weight gain being the most obvious. Cutting back and wasted time also play a factor. Not resting or going on any trips hurts morale.

We here at Butterflyvista wrote Jobfish with the job seeker in mind, not the employer or recruiter. Butterflyvista knows job search in all facets. We integrated that knowledge into the product. We did not use or copy anything. We started with proven techniques and asked the question on every step what could be automated and how can we help the job seeker. We know the pitfalls, hence we know the solution.

Using Jobfish is the first step to turning your life around. When used properly, Jobfish reduces or eliminates all the problems just mentioned. Rather than being a victim of circumstance, you get put in charge of your destiny. So how does that happen?

Work on Presentation

How you present yourself both externally, discussed here, and the energy you emit, discussed below, have a huge factor in how you fair on interviews. Being different is not a problem. Being yourself and projecting that are tantamount. Dress in appropriate business attire. That applies to students as well as seasoned professionals. Do not wear athletic shoes, even if the attire is casual. Bring a brief case or something similar. Be prepared. Have extra copies of resumes, the job postings, and of course know the material.

Talking to others in person or on the phone is also important. Be professional, upbeat, and pay attention to details. There is a time and place to be lead the conversation and a time and place to follow. Even when following (reacting to questions asked), you can still be in charge. Employers want someone who can take ownership of a task. They also hire personality, not a computer, so have yourself come through.

Jobfish includes tips to help you get started. You also get with Jobfish the time to work on your presentation. Time not spent doing mundane tasks is time spent rehearsing presentation.

Your Internal Image

When you talk to others, they will pick up if you are lying or not. They may not know what that lie is, but they will know, and you will not get a job. Being afraid is so not the way to get a job, as that comes across too. Be yourself. Be your honest self. Do not project a defeatist attitude. Many people think of themselves as inferior or not that good. The instant that you think that internally is the same instant that you will not be all that you can be, namely get that job. There is a difference between self-assured and cocky. Do not be cocky. A line from a famous movie comes to mind: "A man has got to know his limitations." It is okay to say that you have done this, this, and that, but still are working on that. The energy you project into the universe is the same energy that will come back to you.

Being organized and methodical is a first step towards being self assured. Knowing the material, and being prepared are important. Jobfish is instrumental in organizing your job search, giving you the information that you need, helping you know the right information, and freeing your mind from mundane tasks that merely cloud out the important things. With Jobfish, you get that clear image put into the universe that will come back and pay dividends.

Polish Resume Package

Your resume is the first thing that people will see of you. Remember, not only do people hate to read, but the first people to read your resume are those who do not know your field (recruiters, human resource personnel, computers, etc.). Why computers? Computers look for key words in resumes and cover letters. More and more companies use software to go through applications. If the software finds enough keywords, they forward the application for review. Recruiters only call you back if they find enough matches and feel that you have the qualification.

Showing a breadth of knowledge is important, but that can also harm you, as employers want a button pusher, not a computer maker. Your resume has to show concisely in a minute or less how you are the best darn button pusher in the universe and they would be a total idiot for not interviewing you and then hiring you.

You have to put together multiple resume packages, because in each field there are differences. Resume packages today include not only the cover letter and resume but include portfolio pieces that show your work. Portfolio pieces are not only for graphic artists and photographers. You have to stand out. Putting your package together for each and every application is tedious. Jobfish excels in this area. With Jobfish you create resume packages, which contain your resume, cover letter, portfolio pieces, and an optional image of yourself. You give each package a nice friendly name, and then you select the desired package when it comes time to submitting a resume.

Send Out Resumes

Sending out resumes is a task best done under sedation or if you are smart then by using Jobfish, as Jobfish does resume applications like no other. You can not only do job boards simply, where they become almost fun to use, but does mail merges too.

Jobfish supports all popular job boards. You go to the first page in your search results, and Jobfish will pull and parse every page automatically presenting, parsing, and filtering the information for you. Jobfish shows you the results in a nice easy to use table. You can choose to hide jobs from specific companies or individual jobs. Jobfish will hide jobs that you already applied. Most job boards post the same jobs over and over again with a new date, because they know that people will want to look at new jobs, but they want you to look at old jobs. As indicated, job boards are for employers as a lead generation tool, not the job seeker.

Every time you select a new row, Jobfish will show the details on a separate window. Gone are dealing with multiple browser tabs and advertisements in job records. Depending on the job board, you can either apply online using the built in functionality or press a button inside Jobfish and Jobfish does the rest. Regardless of the job board, Jobfish will save a copy of the job posting in your job database inclusive of a static copy of the posting. Jobfish will attempt to parse the information contained in the posting. You can review the parsed data, if you so choose.

Jobfish includes an integrated facility to send out mail merges to your contacts. You simply fill out the template and Jobfish does the rest. Jobfish will set the subject line and all other fields, even attach the selected resume package. You do nothing. You can import your contacts directly into Jobfish from Outlook or any CSV file. Jobfish attempts to save contact information found on job postings.

Talking to Others on the Phone

There is no more an important task, then the initial conversations that you will have on the phone. That either leads to an interview or the infamous line that they will get back to you. The caller will assume that you know everything about the subject matter and the call, because naturally their job post was the only one where you submitted an application and you keep reviewing the details of that job post every day. That particular skill is also the only skill that you have and do every day.

Jobfish gives you the edge by allowing you to job to the job post showing you parsed data and all other pieces of information pertaining to that application in a moments time. You simply select the contact and select the particular application to that person in almost no time. If you submitted more than one application to a particular person, not a common task, simply ask which of the positions. Employers like candidates who are on top of things.

Also important is the answers to questions. Jobfish not only provides you with an initial list of questions and answers, but you can add others easily. As you talk with different people and hear questions, simply write them down along with the answer. Set the category of the question. When it comes time to talk on the phone, or preparing for an interview, you can review just those questions.


Job search metrics and reports are overlooked areas. A proper job search requires that you gather and review the metrics. Thankfully, Jobfish gathers the metrics for you. You can see how many applications you sent, along with all the other numbers presented graphically. In areas where you are different than the norm, you can self analyze why you are lacking. Jobfish contains many reports, which you can customize. We expose many fields, which you can select in the report designer. Modify existing reports.

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