Jobfish Question: I am always on the go. Can I use Jobfish?

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Jobfish not only fully supports the Microsoft Windows operating system inclusive of the Start Screen mode, but fully supports cloud and smartphone access. Your data goes with you. Regardless of tablet, laptop, or computer, Jobfish goes with you. Do you use multiple computers, well Jobfish synchronizes effortlessly between different computers. The possibilities are endless. Tell us how you used Jobfish on the go! If you do not already have a copy of Jobfish, get your copy today!

Smartphone and Cloud Access

Smartphones have become an indispensible tool in our lives. We use them for everything, just not for career enhancement. This situation has changed with Jobfish. With Jobfish, you do not skip a beat. You can access the work that you did on the desktop right from the comfort of your smartphone.

On the Go Job Records

Using a smartphone, you can gain access to the details of a particular job record right from your smartphone. Navigate to any of the information with a few simple taps. Access requirements, descriptions, the actual posting, or any other field right there. Addresses are hyperlinked, so that clicking on any address brings up a map to that location. See your contacts. Think of the possibilities. You can either save on paper, so you do not have to take a tree with you to get all the information on every job. It is right there with you. Maybe you thought that you will not need it, but during questioning, you realize that you would not mind reading some note or the actual posting. You get a break. With Jobfish and smartphone access, you have that information.

On the Go Contact Information

You can access your Jobfish contacts right from your smartphone. See the notes, contact information, and any of the other information stored right from within the interface. Do not crowd your Outlook People folder with junk. That is what the contact database inside Jobfish is for. Think of Jobfish contacts as Outlook on steroids, as Outlook does not give you job records attributed to a contact and all the other things that Jobfish does.

On the Go Interviews, Interactions, and Tasks

You work hard to enter scheduled interactions, get interviews, and jot down tasks that you should do, but if you are not at your computer, what good is it? With Jobfish smartphone access, you get this information right where you are. There is no excuse now to not do something or to be late somewhere. If your phone is on and you have Jobfish on it, then you will always be informed. Being late or forgetting something can cost you big time. With Jobfish that possibility greatly reduces.

On the Go Information

Studying interview questions, reading job tips, and reading some interesting article on your home computer might be nice, but that does not do you any good if you are not at home. With Jobfish, the information goes where you are. Review those questions, while you are sitting in the waiting area waiting for the recruiter or hiring manager to greet you. Read that job posting or tip. Be prepared in ways that are simply not possible without Jobfish.

Multiple Computers

Many of us work on multiple computers. You might have a work computer, laptop, home computer, or some other computer. When your smartphone is not enough, you can use Jobfish on other computers quickly and easily. On your primary computer, simply enable cloud access. Jobfish will backup your data to the cloud. From your other computer, simply enable cloud access. Jobfish will synchronize the local store with the cloud. You then are at full speed. Do the operation in reverse and your main computer is up to speed. The possibilities are endless. With cloud access, you can work on your career, when you have time and wherever you are.

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