Jobfish Question: Can job boards be made less agitating to use?

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Jobfish totally redoes how you do job boards. The process turns the employer - candidate process on its head and makes job boards candidate, not employer friendly. Below are some of the areas that Jobfish streamlines job board use.

Jobfish supports all popular job boards either using our Jobfish Board Import Console or our integrated XML viewer, for job boards, where we can get feeds directly from their data servers bypassing the website.

Working with Search Results

You go to the first page in your search results, and Jobfish will pull and parse every page automatically presenting, parsing, and filtering the information for you. Jobfish shows you the results in a nice easy to use table.

Every time you select a new row, Jobfish will show the details on a separate window. If you have dual monitors, Jobfish will optionally display the search result list in one monitor and the details of the selected job record on the other. If you do not have dual monitor, it definitely is worth your investment in a second monitor, even if unemployed, because of the time savings. Either way, you can easily and quickly go through the entire list. Jobfish will bring in however many pages of the search result you desire, from one to all.

Gone are dealing with multiple browser tabs and advertisements in job records. If you have ever had your browser die because of too many tabs open or whatever reason destroying your hard work, then you need Jobfish.

Filtering Out Results

You can choose to hide jobs from specific companies or individual jobs. Simply add the company into the hide company database, and Jobfish will do the rest.

Jobfish will also hide jobs that you already applied or hide jobs that you selected to hide. Most job boards post the same jobs over and over again with a new date, because they know that people will want to look at new jobs, but they want you to look at old jobs. Jobfish takes that into account by matching other fields.

Saving Job Records and Parsing Data

Regardless of the job board, Jobfish will save a copy of the job posting in your job database inclusive of a static copy of the posting. Jobfish will attempt to parse the information contained in the posting. You can review the parsed data, if you so choose.

Jobfish provides two methods of importing jobs. You can import jobs directly from the main filtered list or have Jobfish show you another list with all the data that it parsed in a nice easy to edit format. You can then modify the edits manually before Jobfish actually imports the data into your job database.

Properly parsed data is an important step in your organization process, which allows you to pull up information quickly, review pertinent information, and correctly prepare for job interviews.

Applying for Jobs

Depending on the job board, you can either apply online using the built in functionality or press a button inside Jobfish and Jobfish does the rest. On supported job boards, such as Craig ´s List, you simply press a button in the search result. You then optionally select which resume package that you want, if not the default, and Jobfish does the rest. Jobfish will not only put the correct subject line matching the job description title in the posting, but put your cover letter body at the top with proper salutation, and a copy of the advertisement below. You can optionally copy yourself on the email. You then press a button and off goes the email. In this way and with a dual monitor, you can apply to fifty jobs in minutes.

Jobfish attempts to parse email address. If it finds an email address, you can send out nicely formatted emails directly from within Jobfish. Jobfish saves all correspondence as interactions and ties them to a job record. With each job record, you see everything pertaining to that job prospect.

XML Viewer and Jobfish Board Import Console

The XML viewer is very to our Jobfish Board Import Console. The difference between the two is that the Jobfish Board Import Console uses the actual website posting and overlays its interface on top of that, thereby streamlining the process, and the XML Viewer is a similar interface, where Jobfish takes the job feed direct from the same database that powers the website of that job board. We have direct partnerships with several job boards, where they give us access to the same feeds that they use. This streamlines the process and saves you time and energy. Jobfish automatically chooses which interface to use. You get the same great benefit and time saving results.

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