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If I have my resume and cover letter ready in Word, what does Jobfish do with each of those?

You can prepare a so called presentation package (cover letter, resume, pictures, portfolio etc) and you can attach them easily when you apply for a job. In the Jobfish Presentation Package wizard, you can have multiple presentation packages, each of them with different cover letter and resume, designed for different jobs.

How does Jobfish find and extract jobs posted on the web? Do I have to type in keywords?

Through Jobfish you visit a website and type a keyword alongside with any other information you want to add. Once you hit the Search button, you wind up with a job prospect list in. Jobfish gives you a very special interface (Excel-like-spreadsheet with a window showing the job ad's original URL) so that you can go through this prospect list quickly, apply to them and store them in a Jobfish database, which will prevent you to apply in a same job again in the coming time.

How can Jobfish help in handling the recruiters?

Probably you are familiar with the situation when you applied a dozens or hundreds of jobs, and then later on, when a recruiter calls you and he refers on a job, you cannot remember the job, since you applied a hundreds of them. Jobfish can solve that problem for you! When a recruiter or hiring manager calls, just go to the recruitment list, select the recruiter from the list, and Jobfish is showing you which are the jobs applied for that specified recruiter, so you can be prepared to discuss this position, write down notes, and schedule an interview. Knowing the details of a job that you applied for and all other facts associated with this job prospect puts you at a definite advantage.

Do I have to buy the software to evaluate it?

Jobfish comes with a free trial period. There is only one software download. The registration code that you receive upon purchasing a license merely removes the time limitation and other product limitations. Jobfish is Try Before You Buy software. We want you to feel comfortable with your purchase. You also have the option to purchase a 2-month fully licensed version at a very reasonable cost.

How can Jobfish help me in my job search process?

Jobfish is a job seeker�s personal information management tool kit. Jobfish is designed to assist the job seekers throughout the entire job seeking process, from importing jobs from the supported online job sites (or even manually adding your own), to applying for jobs, scheduling interviews and other interactions, as well as preparing resumes and cover letters. Jobfish even helps prepare you for interviews with interview questions, answers, and tips. Jobfish comes with the Job Board Import Console, which is a second generation job extractor, supports 5 job boards www.craigslist.org,www.carreerbuilder.com,www.dice.com,www.monster.com, hotjobs.yahoo.com), and shows the jobs in an Excel-like-spreadsheet and makes possible to go through big number of jobs easily and facilitate to apply jobs for an easier way. The supported XML/RSS job boards are:www.google.com,www.indeed.com,www.jobalot.com, www.jobcentral.com, www.simplyhired.com, www.vast.com.

I just purchased for 2 months use yesterday, and the registration email (because of PayPal) is different than what I want to use with the email feature in Jobfish.

The email that you should use inside Jobfish, you can use whatever email address you want. You specified one email address during your registration process, but you can change that or add to that. Simply go to the Tools | Options | Email tag and one of the tabs within that group is a table of email addresses. Simply add in another email address and set whichever email address you want as the default.

We would recommend that you use a POP3 email address and specify the SMTP Server, login, and password in the table, as that would better guarantee the email going through. Sending emails using the built-in SMTP Serve tends to have problems, because many email providers (Google�s Gmail and others) treat emails sent using the direct sender approach as spam.

I have done alright up till now. Why do I need Jobfish?

That may be true, but are you optimizing your use of time and organizing the job search process? Jobfish not only can extract jobs from job boards with a single click. Jobfish helps you to organize better your whole job search process, tracks, and manages job prospects regardless of where the job originates.

Can Jobfish help in creating resumes and cover letters?

Jobfish comes with some free sample resumes and cover letters. Check out our existing templates, I hope you will find some useful templates or ideas to create your own cover letter and resume.

Can Jobfish help me any other way to find a job?

In Jobfish, you can find a couple of free sample interview questions, tips and answers. To apply for a job and having a good resume is only the half of the battle. Prepare yourself and get ready for the job interview. We hope that our interviews tips and answers help you to get ready for that other half of the battle.

I have two professions, one as a university professor/private school teacher and the other is a podiatrist. Can I use one version of Jobfish to apply to the two positions?

Absolutely! First, from the MySummary page click on Create Resume Package (first menu item) from the Work with your resume or cover letter. That will take you to the presentation package wizard. Click on the new button (upper left) twice to create two new presentation packages. Rename the first one to teacher and the second one to podiatrist. You can have a zillion of them, if you wish. For each presentation (resume) package, associate a cover letter and/or resume. You can optionally associate an image and any number of attachments too.

Once you create any number of presentation packages, you can attach them to a job record in any number of ways. The most useful method is using Craig's List. If you use Craig?s List, you can apply for a job using Craig's List. Once the send email dialog comes up, you can select the presentation package from the dropdown list. Jobfish will automatically apply the cover letter as the body of the email setting the salutation, signature block, and placing a copy of the job advertisement too in the body of the email as well. These steps happen automatically. For job applications that you apply using the built-in email facility, JobFish will send out the appropriate resume package, even to recruiters.

Searching for a job is truly simpler with Jobfish than without it. Try it.

Will Jobfish allow me to search sites other than those listed as supported? Can I enter a company website and have it included in the search?

Jobfish only automatically parses those websites that you see listed inside the application. NOTE: You can always enter job records from other websites manually.

That being said, the XML/RSS based boards (e.g. Indeed or Simply Hired) are aggregators. An aggregator pulls jobs from many sources, not just the main job boards. Jobfish supports about a half dozen or so aggregators, which gives for quite a bit of coverage. It is hard to imagine there not being a job available that is not covered by one of the supported boards.

There are periodically new boards and companies coming online, so the answer for directly supporting any particular company is possibly in the future, if not already. If you have a question about a specific company, feel free to ask.