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Topic / Category
Using Jobfish
Without Jobfish
Job board submissions
Submit maximum per day to allowed by Craig´s List and 100s to other sites
Submit a handful per day
View job records
Simple click to look at any job record complete with details
You maintain an Excel spreadsheet or lose leaf notes. Impossible to view dated postings.
View multiple postings
View posting details on one window and a list of postings in a table on another. Easily view 100s of postings at the same time, all details extracted.
Open each posting manually in a new tab. You may run into your browser crashing and reach the maximum number of tabs. Switch between tabs.
Maintain a database of recruiters, employers, and other networking contacts along with to-do lists, next scheduled contact, and more. Easy integration to Microsoft Outlook.
You work with different contact folders in Outlook and use a spreadsheet for notes.
Resume packages
Maintain resume packages (resume, cover letters, and attachments) that you can easily attach to emails and submissions.
You attach each document manually and need to keep several File Explorer windows open.
Information at your fingertips
The phone rings. Jobfish provides you information at your fingertips.
None or whatever you remember.
View questions, answers, and notes to common interview questions.
Do research online and use a spreadsheet.
Jobfish supports the cloud and all popular mobile devices.
Save documents to OneDrive and view using Microsoft Mobile Office, if present on your device.
Integrated task list, interviews, interactions
Jobfish supports detailed interactions, interviews, and task list along with audible reminders and tie-in to applicable job record.
You use Outlook and keep notes in a separate file. You switch between Office applications to view notes, or do nothing.
Mail merge and reporting
Jobfish supports mail merge and detailed customizable reports.
Use capabilities of Outlook and attach resume package files manually. You have access to no reports.
Sending emails
Send emails with resume package and content automated.
You fill out all fields manually using your favorite email program.
Butterflyvista has been working with Jobfish and clients, since 2004 and in the recruitment industry for years. We integrate all this experience into our products and services.
Whatever experience you have. You do everything on your own or use friends and family.
Salary ranges
Jobfish allows you to keep track of the salary range and desired salary for a job posting. This feature is handy, if you apply for jobs using different skillsets.
Whatever you write-down in your Excel and Word documents.
Support and a helping hand
You have verbose documentation, help desk, career coaching services (see consulting site), forums, blogs, and many other methods to get help.
You are on your own.

Keep on top of contact / Grow your contacts

Everyone has either Microsoft Outlook or its equivalent for contact management. Outlook is a great tool for general use, but is ill equipped, when it comes to a job search. You need two distinct lists: one for employers and the other for recruitment and networking type of contacts. Furthermore, contacts should be by company and then person. You should be able to find out easily, when you and your contact should communicate next and who contacts who. If someone calls, you should be able to easily pull up this person’s information. Furthermore, it would be nice to see all the job records that you and this person talked about. When someone calls, you do not want to be rude and say hold on for 5-minutes. Most employers and recruiters that call are busy and always assume that they are the only job prospect in your bin and that you know everything about them instantly (no pun intended). It would be nice to easily add new contacts, as you do your job search.

Jobfish can do all that and more. Get your copy of Jobfish today!

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Power your pitches

Without some sort of tool, maintaining different resume packages is a major pain. Even if you are ultra-organized create multiple folders on your computer, each story the different parts of the package, you still need to know which person got which package. Complicating matters is that each person should get a customized cover letter that addresses the job skills referenced in the posting. If you make a pitch to an unsolicited ad (say you are a screenwriter trying to pitch a script to different studios), you still have to create different packages and make your pitch different. Each studio can be considered a different job posting, just one that you create, each with their own unique audience and demographics. You need the posting and the package. That is fine to do for just one company / posting, but in order to get a job today you need to blanket your pitch to a wide audience. Complicating matters is when the phone rings, you just must have all the facts handy. The manual method with various tools that do not cooperate with each other does not cut it today.

Jobfish can do all that and more. Get your copy of Jobfish today!

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Leverage off of the internet

Many people today have desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Creating folders, using Outlook, creating Excel and Word spreadsheets to handle your job search, assuming that you are diligent and organized, works at the desktop level, but little good this information will do you, when you are out and about. What happens, when you want to view information before walking into an interview? What will you do for synchronizing data? Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox only go so far and that is a half fast solution, at best. What happens when you have many job prospects? Will you keep up? If you do, how can you work to get even more job prospects, if you are busy dealing with all the grief from the earlier ones?

Jobfish leverages off of the internet and puts you in control. Jobfish supports the cloud and all popular mobile devices including, but not limited to, those from Apple and Microsoft and those that run Android. Get your copy of Jobfish today!

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Reverse recruitment / Many to one, not one to many

Everyone is familiar with the newspaper format. Everyone uses this format today, if you ever used Craig’s List, Dice, Career Builder, Indeed, and any other job board. All these formats have one thing in common. The company has a job opening. They post the ad, and they get many responses back. That is a relationship of one to many. Large companies employ recruiters to sift through responses, when their internal HR department cannot do the job. Okay, recruiters give additional lists, as they maintain their own list of candidates. Sadly, the job seeker does not get those same numbers. How many job postings do you submit to? Do you remember if you submitted to the same position before? Do you follow up? Do positions come to you to screen? The format of job boards is not conducive to this task, not at all. The ads and tab limitations on browsers complicate matters.

Jobfish is your reverse recruitment tool giving you many to one, not a relationship of one to many. You get parsed positions from many sources all in a single easy to read format that you can easily submit your response and keep typing to a minimum. The minimum part is a key factor, as the more time you spend typing, the less you have to submit responses. Getting a job is a numbers game.

Get your copy of Jobfish today!

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Stop typing emails with your index finger. let Jobfish do all the work for you!

Many people are not touch typists relying on their index fingers to do the work. Those that are touch typist and type properly still use their index fingers or are all thumbs, when it comes to writing emails in response to job postings. Writing or two emails is fine, but 150? You have to type the destination address, fill out the subject, write the body, and insert the attachments. Brownie points for opening up the job prospect in a browser and extracting key parts, so that the HR person knows that your email is in response to a job posting. No matter what kind of typing you do, if you do all that, you use your thumbs. If you keep different resume packages, then that complicates matters even further. Yes, all organized people should keep things organized and attach the email to the job record. Microsoft Outlook cannot do that, neither Google mail. There must be a better way.

Jobfish sends out emails with a fraction of the effort giving even the worst typists superfast efficiency and with precision record keeping to boot. Get your copy of Jobfish today!

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Do not think of one offer. Think multiple! / Jobfish is your concierge.

Getting one offer in a job search is a huge deal. After all, you sent out your daily five emails and talked to your friends, and they came through, so beggars cannot be choosers. What would happen if you received dozens of job offers? Suddenly, tables are turned and you are in the position to make demands. Manual methods simply cannot do that.

Although Jobfish cannot guarantee the number of interviews that you get, if used properly Jobfish gives you the best odds of receiving multiple job offers. Carpet bombing your resume along with doing other steps to make yourself known to the wider community will get you there. Having information at your fingertips will get you there. Knowledge is power and having the facts at your disposal is the key to success. Jobfish is the solution.

Get your copy of Jobfish today!

See the product comparison matrix at the top of this page.

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