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We realize that connections are important, but when you need to get a job, you have to work with what there is, not with what there is not. That means submitting your resume on the various job boards. We listen to job seekers and bring you the most requested job boards integrated directly into Jobfish. Where possible, we work with the various boards to further help job seekers become more productive.

Once we integrate a board, we do not stop. We always try to refine the integration. Periodically, we add new job boards. These additions are from direct input by the Jobfish user community. Job seeking is a serious subject, and we take our role in that seriously.

Boards Included

Your registration of Jobfish includes access to ALL job boards listed below.

Boards Not Listed Below

We continuously strive to add new job boards to Jobfish. Please contact us with the new job board that you would like. Where we cannot promise anything, we will add the board to the request queue. As a registered user, you will get access to new boards through the maintenance release process. All maintenance releases are free.


  1. Once we introduce a new major version of Jobfish, we will no longer introduce maintenance releases for the previous version in order to maintain compatibility with the job boards. You will need to purchase the upgrade.
  2. We try in earnest to check and maintain support for the supported HTML boards, however because the job boards below do not report to us, there may be a gap between the time that a job board introduces a new version of their site and the time that we post a new version of our product to support that new board. We realize how important every day is, when you are out of a job and need to look for work. If you see that we are out of step, please let us know. Help us help you.
  3. Jobfish currently only supports the lists view in Craig´s List.
  4. There might be regional differences on the job boards. We test primarily against the Los Angeles based versions of their sites and from time to time other locations. If you see a regional difference, which Jobfish does not support, please let us know.

Job Boards Integrated into Jobfish


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