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How To Get The Job Like A Professional

Master your job search

By Career Arbalest Sarah Weinberger

Learn proper job search methodologies

From decades of experience in engineering to courses, seminars, exams, recruitment, and advising others, this eBook is a must-read.

Most people do not understand proper job search and how it relates to the online world in which we live. This primer does that and more.

Do not rely on friends and family, read what you need to know.

Here are just some of the sections

  • A Student´s Journey
  • "The Secret"
  • Schools, Friends, and Family
  • All About Recruiters

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Engineering Arbalest "Must-Have" Tools

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*** Visual Studio Extension ***

Automatically Increment Version

VsIncrementer provides a fully configurable auto version increment extension.

Set once and forget it! VsIncrement does the rest.

Take action on any attribute in the AssemblyInfo file.

Highlights include:

  • Version Options: increment, date/time stamp, and others
  • Edit version attribute values directly in the dialog
  • Configurable on solution/project, build type, and/or action
  • Synchronize all version attributes to one selected
  • Supports Version, File, and Informational version attributes
  • Much more

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*** Mail Server Cyber Security ***

Tool To Protect Your Server!

SmtpMaster protects your mail server against intrusion, hacking, spamming, data mining and other criminal acts; a "Must-Have" for mail server administrators.

Drastically reduce the time and complexity to monitor mail server logs and take action. Find patterns and abuse otherwise not possible.

Highlights include:

  • Parses log and displays results in tabular format
  • View login failure and successes
  • Add/edit/delete/import/export black/white lists
  • Automatically suggests IP addresses to block
  • Much more

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Jobfish 2011 - Full featured solution for the job seeker

Stop reading newspapers and go on interviews with Jobfish

Complete job search tool helps you find jobs, apply for them, track your applications, and more in one integrated desktop application.

Simplify all aspects of a job search and eliminate the tedious aspects involved in the day to day tasks that you have to perform.

With time and money at a premium, Jobfish is like having a secretary.

Here are some more highlights

  • Works with job boards better and faster
  • Supported job boards
  • Jobs at your fingertips put you in the driver´s seat, when someone calls
  • Easily work with contacts (recruiters, etc.)
  • Track interviews, communications, events, and tasks
  • Mail merge
  • Full customizable reports
  • Unemployment insurance reporting
  • Resume packages, much more

Friends and family can only go so far and may not get you your ideal job. Let Jobfish be your job match maker. Buy Now

Runs on all latter versions of Microsoft Windows.

Recruiters and hiring managers have had the advantage until now. Put yourself in the driver´s seat with Jobfish.

Career Coaching

with career arbalest Sarah Weinberger

Meet career coach specialist, Sarah Weinberger, 1 on 1.

Ms. Sarah Weinberger

Career happiness and financial freedom are not myths. I will show you how to get there the right way.

My name is Sarah, and my mission is to impart to you what you need to know to take charge of your career and the guidance to help you fulfill your goals.

Here are just a few reasons why you may need career coaching:

  • If the recession stalled your career
  • If you are demoralized
  • If you lost a job or want to reenter the job market
  • If you want to take your career to the next level
  • If you are new to the workforce

My speciality is helping engineers, software developers, and IT professionals reach their goals.

Everyone wants to see reviews. You can read or give us a review here:

Meet career coach specialist, Sarah Weinberger, 1 on 1.
Meet Ms. Weinberger 1 on 1

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